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What is a

Utility Powered NFT?

A utility-powered NFT is an NFT with a job to do.

Utilizing NFTs gives brands a new way to supercharge membership
and loyalty by creating personalized experiences for their customers.



Discount Prices



Access Events



Members Only



Earn Points

NFT to Pass

WEB 3 Enablement

NFT-powered perks include tickets,
VIP status, loyalty cards,
coupons & more!

NFTs are a valuable way for brands to create and nurture customer relationships. With our easy-to-use tools, you can create a unique NFT membership experience for your community that will help you build relationships and keep them coming back for more!

Create Unique Customer Experiences

Now more than ever it’s important for businesses to stand out from the crowd. With DePass, you can easily create unique customer experiences that will help you build relationships and keep them coming back for more!

Build Customer Relationships that will Last

Loyal customers deserve the royal treatment. Studies find that businesses that build mutually beneficial relationships with their customers grow the fastest and stand the test of time.

Turn Your Customers into Community

Keep your customers happy and coming back for more with rewards, perks, discounts, and exclusive VIP experiences they can’t get anywhere else.


For Business

Unlock Your Business Potential With WEB3

Launch NFT memberships that give you control of your community’s perks, benefits, and status.

Branded Passes

Make your brand stand out with custom mobile wallet passes that match your style.

Real-Time Updates

Keep your customers constantly engaged and drive them to take action with real-time updates by updating passes on a regular basis.


Instantly send customers push notifications for updates, offers, or new information.

Location Targeting

Keep in touch with your customers and potential leads by setting up GPS notifications for each pass. You can define ten different locations so that you know when they’re nearby!

App Free & Interoperable

No unnecessary apps to download. Send passes directly to Apple or Google wallet. Integrates easily with your existing POS system.

Easy Integrations

Manage your Apple and Google wallets through a single platform or API that lets you generate passes, issue them automatically or on demand, and update existing ones remotely.

Instant Lockscreen Notifications

Reach your customer’s lock screen instantly with timely and effective push notifications.

Date Date
Location Location
Time Time
Proximity Proximity

For Users

NFT owners can be granted exclusive access to clubs, hotels, art galleries, gyms, VIP-only areas, and so much more.

Apple Wallet

Easy to use. Easy to verify.


Access exclusive discounted prices from your favorite brands.


NFT ticketing does more than just getting you in the door.


Google Wallet

Easy to use. Easy to verify.


Prove your member’s only status & access all your benefits.


Earn loyalty reward points, freebies, & more from your favorite brands. 

Blazing Fast Smart Verifier

Verify pass authenticity in seconds without downloading unnecessary apps.
Authorized agents can verify passes using the camera on their smartphone.

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Verify with any smartphone camera

No unnecessary apps to download. 

Authorized Verification Only

You control who has access to verifying passes.

Lightning Fast Results

Keep the line moving with 1-second pass verification.

Supported Blockchains

Suppored Blockchains
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