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Privatyze your data
and digital identity

Take control of your data, privacy, and digital identity.

What does big tech

know about you?

What does Big Tech know about you ?

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Privatyze your data and digital identity

Do you know where your digital footprint is?

Privatyze Your Data and Digital Identity

Your digital footprint is a lot more than just your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It’s also the data that you leave behind when you visit websites or use apps on your phone. And it can be used to track your every move online – from what you buy to where you go.

  • Uncover data that’s been sold on the dark web.

  • Unlock hidden public records.

  • See your data archives from 100’s of databases.

Privatyze Your Data and Digital Identity

Are you being manipulated?

It’s scary to think about all the information that companies have on you. Your data is being bought and sold by Big Tech and Mega-Corporations (not to mention any other bad guys out there), all to put more money in their pockets.

  • Reclaim your data from data brokers.

  • Remove inaccurate or embarrassing public records.

  • Delete your data from archives and databases.

  • Cover your tracks & encrypt your personally identifiable information (PII) online.

Is your most valuable asset, going to waste? 

Privatyze Your Data and Digital Identity

Even if you’re not a celebrity or politician, your digital identity is valuable. Privatyze is changing the game by enabling you to own your data and digital identity. You make the rules and decide what information is up for grabs and what stays safely under lock and key.

  • Take control of your most valuable asset

  • Decide what stays private and what you’re okay with sharing
    (for the right price of course).

  • Own your entire digital identity.

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